Fix a Hole in wall Tips

Fixing a hole in the wall, whether small or large requires effort, the right tools, and a steady hand. Given in this Buzzle article are instructions for completing this task.
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Holes are easily formed on your wall due to various reasons, like, removing the nails used for fixtures, regular wiring, plumbing, etc. If you find that the walls in your house have been damaged due to any of the aforementioned reasons, then simply follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

Materials Required
Putty knife or chisel
Broad knife
Patching plaster
Latex bonding agent
White-pigmented shellac
Dusting brush
Sanding paper

Step 1
Clean out the loose material around the hole using a chisel and then dust off this area with a dusting brush.

Step 2
Next, take the latex bonding agent and dampen the edges of the hole. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before mixing and applying it.

Step 3
Now you’ll need the patching plaster. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and prepare the mix accordingly. Using a broad knife you have to apply the plaster to fill up the hole. A single layer is usually enough for small holes.

Step 4
In case of deep holes, you would need an extra layer. In this case, after applying the first layer in the hole, press it inside and let it set for about 30 minutes.

Step 5
After 30 minutes, take a nail and score the surface. This will help fix the next layer properly. Now let the first layer dry for about a day.

Step 6
Now it’s time to apply the second layer of patching plaster. This layer will fill up the hole and will make the wall surface even. Wait for 2-3 hours after application.

Step 7
The primary procedure is over, it’s time to give the finishing touches. Using the patching plaster in a creamy consistency by adding water, apply a smooth coat over the hole. Clean the surrounding area and wait for next 30 minutes.

Step 8
Dampen the sponge and use it to smooth the plastered patch, blend it well into the surrounding surface.

Step 9
You can apply a coat of paint similar to the existing wall color. Once it dries off slightly, sand the area to make it look even. Finish by applying the white-pigmented shellac.

If you are worried if the hole is bigger than expected, then it is best to call a professional to do this task. He/she will be able to do it perfectly. In case you don’t have enough time to work on the holes, just hang a frame, fix a wallpaper, or any other type of wall decoration items, so that this hole is not visible.

Home Services Shop

When you need repairs, don’t just call the first listing in the phone book. Do a little research before you pick up the phone. It may not be quite as convenient as the blind Hail-Mary call, but it will save you enough headaches overall that it will become your new go to play.
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Enlarge Image
Whether you own or rent your home, there will come a time when you need to enlist some outside help. Maid service, landscaping, plumber, electrician, car repairs – all are services rather than products, and as such, can be more difficult to shop for.

When you’re shopping for a product, it’s very easy to decide which model you want by way of online reviews, consumer reports and recommendations from friends and family members. Then you can look around to see who has the lowest price, best warranty, and best selection. Once you buy the product, you can return it if something’s not right. If there are any problems, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company, stop payment on the check, and take advantage of several layers of consumer protection.

With services, it can be much more difficult to ensure that you get what you need at the fairest price. Payment is frequently up-front (or at least partial payment), and the concept of “unsatisfactory service” is frequently very subjective. Some companies won’t offer refunds unless there is something measurably wrong with the outcome of the service, and why would they? It would be too easy to scam them out of payment simply by complaining. With services, it all comes down to you and the person actually performing the service and whether or not they adhere to the company standards.

That said, there are several things you can look for to help ensure a positive outcome that leaves everyone satisfied.

☞ Licensed, Bonded, Insured

This is the absolute minimal amount of due diligence you must do before letting anyone perform any service in your home. Make sure the individual is licensed, bonded and insured to perform whatever service you are contracting them to do. Laws vary state by state, but most require home repair types to be licensed contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, etc. Most states require hairdressers, personal trainers and massage therapists to carry a license, and some states require appliance repair licensing.

If you allow an unlicensed person to perform a service in your home and they cause damage, your insurance will probably not cover it. If they are not licensed, they cannot carry their own insurance, so you’re out of luck and out of pocket for the repairs. If they’re not licensed, they’re probably not bonded, so you had better follow them around like a hawk, or at least lock up the valuables lest something come up missing.

☞ Get References

Professionals who are on the up-and-up will not hesitate to provide professional references, and will not resent you for asking for them. They realize that inviting a stranger into your home is a big deal, and they want you to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, given references can be fake – ask your friends and family who they’ve used in the past, and go with that person. Or check Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, and other public reviews. It’s always a good idea to check the person/company out with the BETTER BUSINESS Bureau to see if there have been any complaints lodged against them.

It’s about both personal and financial safety. If you’re using an established company, personal safety is usually not going to be an issue. But you still need to know if they honor their promises and take care of problems. A little research can save you big headaches.

☞ Free Estimates

Take advantage of free estimates. Not only does this give you an idea of what kind of bill to expect, it also gives you the chance to see how this person works with others, and how respectfully they treat your home. If you feel comfortable during the estimate, you’ll likely feel comfortable with that person working in your home.

The estimate also serves as the first step of a paper trail in case something goes wrong. The estimator will write out exactly what needs to be done and provide a price for each step. Of course, problems do arise – so the final price will often be more than the estimate, but not by too much – and they are supposed to get approval from you for anything above and beyond the estimated price. When the service is finished and you don’t feel it’s complete, you at least have a written plan to refer to when you call to complain, and there can be no question of misunderstanding.

☞ Shop Around

Even if you’ve followed all the other precautions, don’t automatically go with the first estimate, even if it seems good. Shop around. Someone else might be slightly more expensive, but use better parts or be more flexible in terms of working around your schedule. Price is a factor, but it’s not the only one, and you want to find the service that gives you what you need when you need it, at a fair price.

Decorate a Room Online Tips

Do you want to give a makeover to your room? Scroll down to know how to decorate a room online, the most fun and easy way to do it!
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Are you planning to decorate your room and do not know which direction to go in? If yes, then now you can design your room online, without hiring an architect or even spending a single dime! But, how to go about it? All you need for this is the Internet and a creative mind! Architects and engineers have been using Computer Aided Design (CAD) for planning homes since ages. Now, there is a wide variety of easy to use non-professional home design programs available, where it is actually fun to plan and visualize your home! All this can be done without shifting any furniture!

Online redecorating allows you to see the finished product in advance so that you don’t make costly errors in choices. They can also be fun for the creative types, who just love to redecorate. If someone has a passion for interior designing, this is a great way to pursue your passion, as well as get some basic experience in interior decoration.

One of the advantages of having an online decoration tool is that we don’t have to spend our valuable time running around from one place to another, searching for paint, wallpaper, tiles, or wood. We can select all these from the comfort of our home, thus minimizing the possibility of selecting the wrong items. Also, we can see what the room would look like without having the doubt of it turning into a disaster!

Online Tools

The following online tools can assist you to decorate your room.

Plan 3D: One of the popular tools used to decorate a room online is Plan 3D. This tool, as the name suggests, allows you to set up your room and view it from any angle. It is easy to understand, as it has a great demo button which shows you how to move things around and add things. Plan 3D allows you to walk through the area, move walls and windows, add windows, doors, and even bathrooms. So basically, you can actually see the entire room, decide the color, wallpaper, and furniture and see how they’ll look. Another great feature is that it allows you to save different types of color schemes and designs. When you go shopping you can take it with you, so that you know what exactly to look for! You can even decide the kind of light that would suit your room with the help of the tool’s shadow and light feature. The best part however is that it is dirt cheap, only USD 3 a month!

3D Home Architect: Another more elaborate tool is the 3D Home Architect. This tool can be downloaded or you can order it on disks. This tool allows you to view the room not only in 3D but also in 2D or the blueprint form. Besides this, you can play around with different kinds of colors, fabrics, styles, textures, etc. The best part of this tool is the download feature, which allows you to get the design immediately.

Some other tools that can be used are myHouse and See My Design.

You can follow the guidelines mentioned below, to decorate your bedroom online:
The most important step is the choice of color. Your bedroom is your personal comfort zone. Choose a color that reflects your true personality and style. There are numerous shades available to choose from.
Once you have selected the color, the next step is the layout of the room, i.e., the dimensions of the bedroom. This step helps you figure out where each piece of furniture should be placed.
You can also choose a theme, which reflects your personality, for example, a tropical theme or an oriental theme. This will make it more fun and interesting.
The next and most crucial part of the process is the design plan. In this, based on the dimensions of the room, you can calculate the approximate budget needed for decoration.

Hiring an interior designer to decorate a room can be expensive, because a designer puts in a lot of hours and gives a lot of personal attention to draft, redraft blueprints and select furniture which is usually custom-made. On the other hand, online designing is more affordable, as it does not provide the architectural designs, instead, it allows you to come up with a design and help your room look like a professionally designed one. Online designers usually charge a fee per room, which ranges from $100 to $1000, depending on the services required and the size.

There are a variety of other programs also available on the Internet, for free. You may find some programs more user-friendly than others. These websites usually have previews so that you have an idea, as to how to go about it.

Now, that you know how to decorate a room online, try decorating just for fun. If you can’t make your dream ideas materialize with the resources at your local home improvement store, the Internet can definitely make it happen.

Home Modern Decorating Tips

Modern homes are for people who are futuristic. Modern homes are for people who like to keep things simple. If this defines you, read on for some innovative decoration ideas for a modern home.
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If you like things simple, elegant, sleek, clear-cut and innovative, then a modern home decorating style is perfect for you. Modern homes are airy, modern homes are creative and modern homes are just perfect for today’s generation, as they come fitted with all the latest gadgets and technology. And if you thought that you would need to spend a bomb and hire a professional to give your home a modern decor, you are absolutely wrong! With the below suggested ideas, you can easily incorporate elements of this coveted decor in your house, on your own. Have a look…

Innovative Modern Home Decoration Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Decor
When it comes to modern homes, simplicity is their trademark. So, get rid of all the clutter that you have in your house. Throw away all the unnecessary items. If you have heavy pieces of furniture, replace them with sleek, multifunctional furniture. If you have a tight budget, you can give up on sofas all together and instead, replace them with chairs which have sleek curves and look like sofas. Otherwise, couches with obvious geometric angles to them look perfect in a modern home. Go in for couches that come sans arms. Such couches can be arranged in “L” shape and four-five cushions kept on top of them, to give the living room a modern, unique feel. As for the bedroom furniture, bulky beds are a complete no-no in a modern home. Instead, beds without headboard and foot boards are what you should look for. Also, go in for beds which have a low height, as they make the room look spacious and airy.

Modern Bedroom Decor
If you have ever been to a modern home, you would have seen that almost all of them have colors such as white, gray, cream, silver, beige and black, whether it comes to paint on the walls or the fabrics or the upholstery. So, to make your modern home stand apart from the rest, a creative idea is to use white or cream color on the walls and get a few furniture pieces in the room in bright red color! This will make them stand out in the light background. If you want to have some fun with your living room modern decor, you can add multicolored furniture pieces to it too! If having colored furniture seems too far-fetched, how about keeping the furniture in basic color and placing small cushions of numerous colors on it? Otherwise, to add color to the room, you can consider hanging a few bright-colored wall hangings and paintings on the walls.

Modern Living Room Flooring
Flooring and Fabrics
The flooring for a modern home can be hardwood, tiled or concrete treated. Glazed tiles in plain white color look awesome in a modern living room. To enhance the beauty of the rooms further, you can add carpets and rugs on the floor. If the rest of the background in the room is in colors like white, black and gray, you can use bright-colored rugs with some unusual geometric shapes on them, to give an interesting twist to the decor. If you are someone who likes to give his home a unique look, placing a number of odd-shaped small rugs, at various places, in the same room, will lend a dramatic touch to your house. As for the fabrics, they can be in some bold colors too. Matching the pattern and color of all the fabrics, be it curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads, towels, etc. will give the house a coordinated look. Otherwise, curtains with white, black or brown colored background are the most popular choice in modern homes, so you can opt for the same too. If the curtains have some modern art designs on them, it would add another dimension to your room!

Modern Room with Accessories
When it comes to accessories for a modern home, they should have some well-defined geometric shapes to them. Round mirrors with a silver metallic frame, glass vases in some unusual angular shapes, sculptures in black or white color, a collage made from black and white framed photographs of the family, ceramic pots, sleek lamps, a metallic chandelier, contemporary black and white paintings – these are some of the accessories with which you can decorate your modern home.

Living Room Modern Decor
As vases are a common feature in a modern home, to add a dash of color, keep flowers of different colors in them. Colorful flowers add the much-needed fun element to the modern decor! The kind of lighting you choose will play a major role in the final look that your home exudes, so keep a few metallic lamps, on either side of the sofa as well as add a few spot lights, to highlight your favorite accessories in your modern home!

Besides these, other creative modern home decorating ideas are – Television is made the focal point in the living room, a book shelf with books arranged in some unusual ways is fitted in one of the living room walls, horizontal stripes are painted on the walls, the attached bathroom in the bedroom is made of glass and an arty centerpiece is placed on the dining table, just below a metallic chandelier! As you can see, there are a number of unique things and features that you can add, to give your home a modern, stylish feel. Think minimal, think simple, think clean, think innovation and whatever ideas that you arrive at, apply them to jazz up your modern home!