An Apartment That Has Everything I Want

I knew exactly what I wanted when I started looking at apartments for rent in Jacksonville FL. I had a few weeks before I had to make a firm commitment to a company there that wanted me to work for them, but I wanted to get things settled with them much quicker than that. I knew before I accepted the position I was going to have to make sure I had a place to live first. I am a planner, so this was not something I am used to doing so quickly at all.

As it turned out, it did not matter that this was done so quickly, because I found the apartment where I am now living really fast. I knew that I wanted a modern apartment complex that has a fitness center as well as laundry hookups right in the apartment itself, and I also wanted a place where I would be allowed to have my two cats. Ann and Andy have been with me for nearly two years now, and there was no way I would move anywhere without them. I also never wanted to use another laundromat in my life, so this was another must have.

I also did a search of only the complexes that are close to where I now work. I did not want to struggle with traffic on a regular basis. I just wanted to get my work done, be home within minutes if possible, and relax in a very comfortable apartment that has a lot of social and community amenities as well. When I saw Sundance Pointe Apartments, I was actually surprised when they not only met all of my requirements, but also exceeded them! I have only been here a few months now, but it feels more like home than any other place I have ever been.