Decorate a Room Online Tips

Do you want to give a makeover to your room? Scroll down to know how to decorate a room online, the most fun and easy way to do it!
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Are you planning to decorate your room and do not know which direction to go in? If yes, then now you can design your room online, without hiring an architect or even spending a single dime! But, how to go about it? All you need for this is the Internet and a creative mind! Architects and engineers have been using Computer Aided Design (CAD) for planning homes since ages. Now, there is a wide variety of easy to use non-professional home design programs available, where it is actually fun to plan and visualize your home! All this can be done without shifting any furniture!

Online redecorating allows you to see the finished product in advance so that you don’t make costly errors in choices. They can also be fun for the creative types, who just love to redecorate. If someone has a passion for interior designing, this is a great way to pursue your passion, as well as get some basic experience in interior decoration.

One of the advantages of having an online decoration tool is that we don’t have to spend our valuable time running around from one place to another, searching for paint, wallpaper, tiles, or wood. We can select all these from the comfort of our home, thus minimizing the possibility of selecting the wrong items. Also, we can see what the room would look like without having the doubt of it turning into a disaster!

Online Tools

The following online tools can assist you to decorate your room.

Plan 3D: One of the popular tools used to decorate a room online is Plan 3D. This tool, as the name suggests, allows you to set up your room and view it from any angle. It is easy to understand, as it has a great demo button which shows you how to move things around and add things. Plan 3D allows you to walk through the area, move walls and windows, add windows, doors, and even bathrooms. So basically, you can actually see the entire room, decide the color, wallpaper, and furniture and see how they’ll look. Another great feature is that it allows you to save different types of color schemes and designs. When you go shopping you can take it with you, so that you know what exactly to look for! You can even decide the kind of light that would suit your room with the help of the tool’s shadow and light feature. The best part however is that it is dirt cheap, only USD 3 a month!

3D Home Architect: Another more elaborate tool is the 3D Home Architect. This tool can be downloaded or you can order it on disks. This tool allows you to view the room not only in 3D but also in 2D or the blueprint form. Besides this, you can play around with different kinds of colors, fabrics, styles, textures, etc. The best part of this tool is the download feature, which allows you to get the design immediately.

Some other tools that can be used are myHouse and See My Design.

You can follow the guidelines mentioned below, to decorate your bedroom online:
The most important step is the choice of color. Your bedroom is your personal comfort zone. Choose a color that reflects your true personality and style. There are numerous shades available to choose from.
Once you have selected the color, the next step is the layout of the room, i.e., the dimensions of the bedroom. This step helps you figure out where each piece of furniture should be placed.
You can also choose a theme, which reflects your personality, for example, a tropical theme or an oriental theme. This will make it more fun and interesting.
The next and most crucial part of the process is the design plan. In this, based on the dimensions of the room, you can calculate the approximate budget needed for decoration.

Hiring an interior designer to decorate a room can be expensive, because a designer puts in a lot of hours and gives a lot of personal attention to draft, redraft blueprints and select furniture which is usually custom-made. On the other hand, online designing is more affordable, as it does not provide the architectural designs, instead, it allows you to come up with a design and help your room look like a professionally designed one. Online designers usually charge a fee per room, which ranges from $100 to $1000, depending on the services required and the size.

There are a variety of other programs also available on the Internet, for free. You may find some programs more user-friendly than others. These websites usually have previews so that you have an idea, as to how to go about it.

Now, that you know how to decorate a room online, try decorating just for fun. If you can’t make your dream ideas materialize with the resources at your local home improvement store, the Internet can definitely make it happen.

Home Modern Decorating Tips

Modern homes are for people who are futuristic. Modern homes are for people who like to keep things simple. If this defines you, read on for some innovative decoration ideas for a modern home.
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If you like things simple, elegant, sleek, clear-cut and innovative, then a modern home decorating style is perfect for you. Modern homes are airy, modern homes are creative and modern homes are just perfect for today’s generation, as they come fitted with all the latest gadgets and technology. And if you thought that you would need to spend a bomb and hire a professional to give your home a modern decor, you are absolutely wrong! With the below suggested ideas, you can easily incorporate elements of this coveted decor in your house, on your own. Have a look…

Innovative Modern Home Decoration Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Decor
When it comes to modern homes, simplicity is their trademark. So, get rid of all the clutter that you have in your house. Throw away all the unnecessary items. If you have heavy pieces of furniture, replace them with sleek, multifunctional furniture. If you have a tight budget, you can give up on sofas all together and instead, replace them with chairs which have sleek curves and look like sofas. Otherwise, couches with obvious geometric angles to them look perfect in a modern home. Go in for couches that come sans arms. Such couches can be arranged in “L” shape and four-five cushions kept on top of them, to give the living room a modern, unique feel. As for the bedroom furniture, bulky beds are a complete no-no in a modern home. Instead, beds without headboard and foot boards are what you should look for. Also, go in for beds which have a low height, as they make the room look spacious and airy.

Modern Bedroom Decor
If you have ever been to a modern home, you would have seen that almost all of them have colors such as white, gray, cream, silver, beige and black, whether it comes to paint on the walls or the fabrics or the upholstery. So, to make your modern home stand apart from the rest, a creative idea is to use white or cream color on the walls and get a few furniture pieces in the room in bright red color! This will make them stand out in the light background. If you want to have some fun with your living room modern decor, you can add multicolored furniture pieces to it too! If having colored furniture seems too far-fetched, how about keeping the furniture in basic color and placing small cushions of numerous colors on it? Otherwise, to add color to the room, you can consider hanging a few bright-colored wall hangings and paintings on the walls.

Modern Living Room Flooring
Flooring and Fabrics
The flooring for a modern home can be hardwood, tiled or concrete treated. Glazed tiles in plain white color look awesome in a modern living room. To enhance the beauty of the rooms further, you can add carpets and rugs on the floor. If the rest of the background in the room is in colors like white, black and gray, you can use bright-colored rugs with some unusual geometric shapes on them, to give an interesting twist to the decor. If you are someone who likes to give his home a unique look, placing a number of odd-shaped small rugs, at various places, in the same room, will lend a dramatic touch to your house. As for the fabrics, they can be in some bold colors too. Matching the pattern and color of all the fabrics, be it curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads, towels, etc. will give the house a coordinated look. Otherwise, curtains with white, black or brown colored background are the most popular choice in modern homes, so you can opt for the same too. If the curtains have some modern art designs on them, it would add another dimension to your room!

Modern Room with Accessories
When it comes to accessories for a modern home, they should have some well-defined geometric shapes to them. Round mirrors with a silver metallic frame, glass vases in some unusual angular shapes, sculptures in black or white color, a collage made from black and white framed photographs of the family, ceramic pots, sleek lamps, a metallic chandelier, contemporary black and white paintings – these are some of the accessories with which you can decorate your modern home.

Living Room Modern Decor
As vases are a common feature in a modern home, to add a dash of color, keep flowers of different colors in them. Colorful flowers add the much-needed fun element to the modern decor! The kind of lighting you choose will play a major role in the final look that your home exudes, so keep a few metallic lamps, on either side of the sofa as well as add a few spot lights, to highlight your favorite accessories in your modern home!

Besides these, other creative modern home decorating ideas are – Television is made the focal point in the living room, a book shelf with books arranged in some unusual ways is fitted in one of the living room walls, horizontal stripes are painted on the walls, the attached bathroom in the bedroom is made of glass and an arty centerpiece is placed on the dining table, just below a metallic chandelier! As you can see, there are a number of unique things and features that you can add, to give your home a modern, stylish feel. Think minimal, think simple, think clean, think innovation and whatever ideas that you arrive at, apply them to jazz up your modern home!

Cheap Flooring Ideas

images-1Are you on a tight budget and looking for some cheap flooring ideas? Wondering what looks great to the eyes, and is yet easy on the pocket?

Hardwood flooring and carpets can render a great look to your floor, but they come at a hefty price. Though these kinds of flooring look great, they are very expensive, not easy to maintain, and don’t fit everyone’s budget.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t make your home floor look great. There are a million options of affordable flooring available, and when used rightly, can make your house floor look absolutely great.
Cheapest Flooring Options

Carpets are great, and there are many varieties available from which you can choose. So, visit a carpet store and buy some carpet samples (you might even get some samples for free). You can either buy a carpet if you wish to use it for all the rooms of your house, or use these samples and make a patchwork carpet with the sample pieces, and place them on a damaged area of your existing flooring.

Go for bamboo flooring for your house. Bamboo is actually a grass and not wood, however, it can replicate the look of a wooden flooring. Also, you can go for strand woven bamboo flooring which displays the fine lines of the grass, as this is made by gluing bamboo pieces together, which gives it a natural look. Bamboo flooring, compared to hardwood flooring, is half or even less priced, as bamboo reaches its growth period within 3-7 years, while hardwood takes around 50-120 years.

Concrete floors give a bit of an unfinished and earthy look, but they are inexpensive and easy to install. There are many different concrete floors available to match your home decor. They come stained, painted, colored, and some are even personalized. They are easy to clean and maintain, and especially great for places where there is lots of sand or snow. Concrete floors are also a good alternative if you have allergies to carpets. You can always create a cool looking floor surface with a creative floor painting technique.

These are softer than linoleum tiles, and also have a more natural and rich look as compared to them. Cork tiles are inexpensive compared to other types of natural flooring, and you can tile a large room in your house with a few hundred dollars. These tiles can also be stained with natural shades like yellow, blonde, brown, etc.

A great and affordable idea of flooring is the peel and stick tiled flooring. These tiles are very affordable, and come in various different colors and textures. You can buy carpet peel and stick tiles or vinyl peel and stick tiles. You can also buy wood tiles, which you can simply peel and stick to the floor base. The best part about these tiles is the installation, which is quite simple. All one has to do is take out the covering behind the tiles to reveal the adhesive backing, and stick the tiles on the appropriate place. Make sure you mop the floor surface properly before you start working with these tiles. With these tiles, you can create a uniform looking floor surface, or even mix and match colors and patterns.

This is a great idea if you are on a tight budget, and is an especially good, yet cheap basement flooring idea, as tiled floors are very easy to clean. You can go with plain colors to install the flooring for your bathroom. But, if you are using ceramic tiles for other rooms as well, mix and match different tiles to create an interesting looking floor. You can even create a mosaic using mosaic tiles, to give your floor an attractive look.
Smart Ideas to Cover Flaws on the Floor

You can cover flaws on the floor with some really simple ideas, like placing a rug or simply placing a piece of furniture over the area that is damaged. You can also reshuffle the furniture in the room to cover any flaws on the floor. Another way to cover flaws is to simply place a small table and cover it with a cloth which falls freely on the floor. You can use the table to keep an accent, like a vase or lamp. If the area is large and you want to cover it up, simply throw a futon over the surface. Then place a nice sheet, some bolsters, and pillows on the futon, to create a cozy sitting space.

If you have a damaged section of flooring, then making a patchwork of carpet samples is a great inexpensive idea. However, if you are planning on remodeling your entire floor, then go for tiles or concrete floors. But, if you have a moderate budget and want to go for something like wood flooring, look at different samples of bamboo flooring, and opt for the laminate ones, as you can install them yourself and save on hiring a contractor.

Tips To Design Your Chair

downloadIt is amazing to know that the chair has evolved in the last 150 years to a greater degree than any other piece of furniture.

“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects, etc., … the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” (J. & M. Neuhart & R. Eames, Eames Design: The Work of the Office of Charles and Ray Eames, Harry N. Abrams, New York 1989, p. 266).

The concept of connections is essential for the art of design, and especially when it comes to the design of chairs. It is because there is no other piece of furniture which may offer so many possibilities to create connections to the same degree or extent as the chair does. And due to this fact, there have been plenty of efforts and resources invested by designers throughout a longer period of time even longer than for other furniture pieces. In our modern times and apart from the auto vehicle, the chair is the most written about, designed, studied and famous art object.

Indeed, it has always been the number of connections that influenced the success a type of chair enjoyed both for the design art and industry, and for the large market, for the great public. Apart from their number, the quality and variety of the connections can also have an impact on the designer’s chances of success. At the same time, chairs may address a certain or several specific needs, habits and tastes. If we are to take into account the functional aspect of such a type of furniture, chairs can make both psychological and physiological connections with the persons sitting on them. And these connections are made through the chair’s materials and form. At the same time, a chair may be the embodiment of certain values and meanings which can connect with the user at certain specific levels – intellectual, cultural, emotional, aesthetic or even spiritual. Also, there is another level at which the structural components within a chair’s design can result in fundamental connections. Also, a chair can connect both visually and functionally with the context in which it is used. This context can include other objects and styles, of course. In a larger sense, chair design connects with different ideologies and mentalities, production approaches and to various economic theories.

In the past 150 years, the evolution of chair design has been parallel to the development of other fields such as architecture, technology, and so on. This evolution has mirrored the change of social needs and concerns to such a degree that one could actually say it may in fact encapsulate the entire design history. George Nelson, the author “Chairs” (1953) has stated that: “Every truly original idea – every innovation in design, every new application of materials, every technical invention for furniture – seems to find its most important expression in a chair.” Nowadays, this may find its perfect reflection in the development of more economically built and better functioning chairs. It is a highly competitive market, the one of office seating products. Because of that, it continuously requires new technical advances and performances, because it is also more and more controlled by tougher health and safety legislation’s. Also, there is an increasing interest for the workforces’ well-being from the part of corporations and companies.

Nonetheless, the chair’s function as an object for us to sit on has not changed and obviously could never be changed. But to achieve good solutions for the problems which are posed by this object can often be a challenging, demanding and complex task. That is mostly because another obvious fact is that chairs are meant to support people of different ages, sizes, shapes, for different time lengths and for various purposes. Such purposes may include eating, waiting, reading, writing, resting, an office task and many more. Let’s not forget the social aspect of chair sitting. Each sitting position is actually charged with its very own social importance.

Apart from technical aspects related to the designs of the chair and from how sitters can connect physically and psychologically with certain forms depending on various contexts of functionality, chairs are at the same time designed for reasons that have to deal with contents of symbolism, fashion and aesthetics. Thus, out of all the furniture types, the chair is the one that can boost people’s self-esteem and can be used to prove one’s “good taste” to the others.

Tips Colors Bedrooms for beautifull your Home

Take a look at this guide on choosing the right paint colors for bedrooms to transform your room into your own little paradise!
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The interiors of our bedrooms are extensions of our own personality. Whether we are calm people or people who love some funk and jazz, there is something for everyone. Good paint colors set the right mood for us to relax and unwind in our bedrooms.
You may have come across several ideas for the right color, but instead of going helter-skelter looking for the ‘right’ one, introspect and see what suits your personality and your personal style. The thumb rule in interior decorating is always to choose personal comfort instead of succumbing to trends.
Paint Color Choices and Ideas for Bedrooms
Paint colors for bedrooms have a new meaning nowadays. They are meant to heighten our senses, and evoke the right emotions in us stressed out human beings. Not every color is defined as red, blue and yellow. Each color has its own hues and shades, and as such, the variety in paint colors is immense. To be able to decide, then, how to choose the right color can be a confusing and time-consuming task. To help you simplify your worries, presented here is a table, that classifies room colors according to moods and the effects you might like to experience once you are in your personal haven. Get creative and try a combination of different styles for bedroom decorating that will reflect your own, unique personality.
For Girls!

For girls who wish to have vibrant bedrooms, a great option is to combine black, white and hot pink. It will work well if you highlight just one wall with the hot pink, and keep the rest of the room black and white. Try to add zebra prints on upholstery to give it the ultimate jazz. Also keep your accessories in shades of hot pink!
For Boys!

For boys who like vibrant rooms, turquoise blue with a dash of silver is the way to go. Again, highlight one wall with turquoise blue, and keep the furniture black and white. Add silver in terms of accessories like cushion covers, lampshades, or silver bean bags against the highlighted wall.
Combination of Stary Colors

This vibrant combination of yellow and blue may seem stark to you initially, but combine it in just the right amount with a medium shade of wooden flooring, and you will have one of the most beautiful looking rooms ever. The trick is not to overdo the blue shade, but use it on just one wall of the room. The gray can be used for furniture. You have to put it up and see the combination yourself to believe how stunning it can look.

For an earthy look, try to combine the outdoors and the indoors by highlighting an accent wall with a textured dark green, and having the rest of the walls in a rustic beige color. This combination would work well in a room that has light wooden furniture.

Walls painted pine yellow, combined with dark wooden furniture, are sure to give you the ultimate rustic feel. Enhance the look with dark brown accessories. This look is great for a guest bedroom as it is soft, warm and inviting.

An accent wall in a fiery orange color surrounded by a neutral beige is a great way of achieving the rustic look. Opt for solid wooden furniture along with flooring, and you will be able to complete this look perfectly. Ensure that the lighting complements this look in that it is soft and yellow. Keep it dim for best results.

To give your room the feel of pure, sinful luxury, give the walls a dull golden color, with black furniture. Black and gold works as a wonderfully luxurious combination. Keep the lights soft, and you won’t want to get out of this epitome of luxury.
Contrast Colors

A royal deep purple will transport you to a whole new world of luxury and romance. Pair it up with light wooden furniture and contrasting accessories for the right effect.
While picking bedroom wall colors, always test a sample on a small patch before you go ahead and paint the entire room. This will help you to change your choice, if required, at the right time. Moreover, ensure that the choice of your paint color complements the furniture in the room to avoid disastrous consequences!
Remember that the overall effect of the wall paint changes with the use of furniture, accessories and lighting (natural and artificial). Keep all these aspects in mind before settling on any one final color.

Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom is always overwhelming. However with a guide like the one presented above, your task should be relatively easier. You don’t always have to adhere to specific color schemes to paint your bedroom. As mentioned before, your bedroom is a symbol of your personal style, so go with what suits you and your personality the best. Feel free to try new combinations, and introduce your own trends to the world of interior decoration.

Tips Living Room Designs for Small Spaces

Want your living room to look stylish and elegant but are worried about the small space? Relax, there are various trendy living room designs available that will help you fulfill your wish.
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Everyone has a particular spot in the house which is their favorite place―they can play cards, watch television, or just relax there. People living in big houses have many options to choose their favorite from, but this is not possible for people living in smaller houses.

However, you can make your ‘not-so-large’ room look comfortable and stylish by implementing the following tips.

Tips to Design Your Small Living Room

People are always confused about how to design their small living rooms. They want their room to look elegant as well as spacious. This can be achieved through the following tips.

Color Schemes
The colors of the interiors of the house play a very important role in room decoration. People often avoid using dark colors in case of small spaces. However, one can go for contrasting colors for a small living room.

You can get one focal wall painted in a darker shade than the others, or play with colors and make a unique design on it while keeping the other walls lighter in color. Do not try to decorate every wall of your house, making it look like a circus or a colorful house from a fairy tale! You can also use your imagination and make the color scheme look more attractive and eye-catching.

You can give your living room a glamorous look by choosing a contrasting color scheme between the flooring and the walls. This will make your room look more exciting and full of life.

Your flooring will become a distinctive and unique feature of your room in contrast with your wall color scheme. But do keep in mind that if you want bright or colorful flooring, keep all the walls of same color.

Did you know that the right kind of lights can actually make your room look bigger? It is true that lighting in the right direction and the right way can make your room look more spacious especially if it is focused on the darker wall.

Use different light fixtures like a wall sconce which has a light-colored glass or a wall fixture which is focusing its light in the upward direction. Place lamp shades which complement the look and color scheme of the room. Placing a dull-colored lamp in the room that has a bright color scheme will spoil the look of the room. Try to use dramatic home lighting as it will make your room look brighter and expressive.

People have this misconception that placing smaller pieces of furniture in the room will make it look bigger, which is not always true. In fact, one should use large pieces of furniture in the room to make it look spacious rather that cramming several small pieces.

Try to use furniture that can also give you a storage facility so that you can put away unnecessary stuff, making your room look neater. Use furniture that is multipurpose like a couch bed or a coffee table, which can also be used as a dining table.

Sofas and chairs without arms will make the room look more roomy. You can also change the display of your furniture frequently, giving your room a different look.

Use pleasant and sophisticated decorative items. You can try decorating your room with pictures of yourself and your loved ones, the gifts you’ve received, or even shells you may have collected from the beach. This will give your room a warm and informal look.

These were some of the smart and easy designs ideas for small apartments. You can also add your own creativity to these ideas to achieve the perfect room you’ve always desired.

10 Ideas tips to Design Open Kitchen

imagesKitchen interiors have undergone massive design changes in the past decade. Neutral colors, isometric structures, and minimalism and sophistication are the order of the day. Architects have come up with creative ideas to design open-wall shelves instead of closed cabinets. Modern kitchen interiors may include single shelves mounted on green walls with triangular stands, diagonally opposite to wooden shelves between 2 parts of the same wall.
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Go Antique

Go for an antique kitchen look, but only if you can maintain it. Mount dark wood shelves high up the wall, and place rustic pots and pans to lend an old-fashioned feel.

Open wooden shelving is rather common. Experimentation arises when the wood used is different. In this case, for instance, there is rectangular, dark wood shelving throughout. When you design such shelves, make sure the wood is strong enough for you to place heavy utensils. Another designing strategy is to mount wooden planks opposite each other on the walls and place wooden strips between them for the dishes.

Decorating ideas for open kitchen shelves include light wood to lend a softer look. Mount light wood planks on the walls to place jars and bottles. Or, take a wooden plank, mount wooden stands at its ends, and place wooden shelves between them. This is a very homely storage style.

Open square shelves look structured and well-placed. 6-shelved or 9-shelved designs are pretty common. They can be mounted on the wall or placed over the kitchen counter. White shelves lend an aura of spaciousness. To complement white, place colorful dishes and wine glasses in the shelves.

There are plenty of open kitchen shelves designs using metal. Metal is used for sturdiness and stability. You can use heavy black metal, with a staircase-design, placed over the counter top or kitchen table. Or, use an alloy to mount shelves with screws on the wall. The shelves should have criss-cross patterns for the convenience of hanging casseroles.

This could be a DIY project for open kitchen shelves. Use pantry-shelving where you need to store a lot of items, and when you need to understand how to organize open kitchen shelves. The one mounted on the wall is almost a cabinet design, minus the doors. The other design is a huge open shelf, placed on a table. Place items carefully, since the shelf is open on both sides.

Use different screws, pegs, planks, and stands to mount shelves over the wall.

These are examples of modern kitchen décor. The square shelves have enough space for a stack of dishes or bowls. The rack below can be used for teacups and the like. The color combination, the butterfly design, and the striped patterns add to the overall appeal.

Mount single shelves right above the counter top, and grace the background with monochromatic and patched designs. This gives plenty of storage space as well.

Tips Teak Oil for Furniture

Teak is a type of hardwood which is classy honey brown or golden in color when new. But after a period of time and getting exposed to various elements in air, its color changes to silver-gray.

The changed color of teak mainly distinguishes the old outdoor teak furniture. However, it’s just a color transform and does not affect the durability of teak wood. To maintain the elegant honey brown look of teak is not a difficult task. But it definitely needs regular care. Teak oil is widely popular and known to maintain the teak wood finish. Here’s more about the use of teak oil for furniture and the right procedure of using it.

Benefits of Teak Oil

This oil is known to be very effective for indoor and outdoor teak furniture care. Apart from teak wood it can also be used for other oily woods like rosewood, monkeypod, zebrawood, etc.

It perfectly penetrates in the wood, gets absorbed, dries and stays hard. Regular sanding and teak oil finishing will ensure that teak wood has that smooth finish and honey brown color. This oil is available in many brands.

The best thing about this oil is that it works as a waterproofing agent. So you can place the furniture in rain or sun without worrying about damages.

Teak Oil Application on Furniture

Material Required
Teak oil
Clean rag for oiling
Dusting cloth

Step 1
Remember that this oil is toxic hence, you need an open area while applying this oil on furniture. So, if you are working on indoor furniture, take it outdoor or work in a well ventilated area.

Step 2
Now, take a dusting cloth and make it damp. Dust the furniture with it to remove the dust collected over it. Only if it is extremely dirty opt for an oil soap. Now, before you follow the next step, wait till it dries completely.

Step 3
Now, take a few drops of the oil on the oiling cloth and start applying it on the furniture. Rub well, so that the oil is well absorbed. If you are working on large items then take the oil in a container and dip the cloth in it each time. Remember, do not use excess of oil that will stay on the teak wood. Once you finish application, the surface will look shiny, let it dry completely to allow the oil to be absorbed.

Step 4
After 2 hours re-apply the oil in the same way. Again, let it dry completely. Best if you wait for next 24 hours. If you notice excess of oil, just wipe off with a clean cloth. Well, now your teak furniture is ready to be used. Make sure that you dust it regularly.

Repairing Squeaky Floors

Squeaky floors can get really annoying to deal with. Which is why solutions for these have to be found. The following sections will discuss some common problems that lead to squeaky floors and give you instructions on how to repair them.

Squeaky floors are a mess to deal with. Not only are they annoying, but they can get really distracting as well. Why and how exactly do these squeaky hardwood floors come about and how does one go about fixing these? There are a number of reasons that can cause squeaky floors. The good news is, there are ways on how to fix them as well. The following sections will list out the problems and solutions of the same.

Loosened Nails

Sometimes the edges of the subfloor keep knocking against each other giving rise to squeaky floors. This happens due to the wood flooring―the nails have become loose, thereby allowing the subfloor layers to become loose.

Taking a hammer and banging the nails, thereby driving them harder into the floor might sometimes be the only thing that you need to do. But at other times, the problem is not as simple. Try banging the nails, if that doesn’t work then try and install another nail or screw near the previous nail so that it adds to the strength of the nail. Stand near the area that has become loose and add the extra weight to the area. If there is something that has bent underway, it will go back in place. Then drive the extra screw and nail in and that should likely solve the problem for good.

Sometimes, it’s not just one floor that needs to be driven in to solve the problem. There may be an entire section that has squeaky floors. So one nail is not enough. In such a case make use of an electric machine or gun so that more screws and nails can be driven in at the same time.

Squeaky Seams

Sometimes, two pieces of plywood might be pressed against each other too tightly, thus giving rise to squeaky floors. So also, during installation, there might be extra pressure that has formed between the edges and that might give rise to the noise every time you step on the floor.

Make sure to use this method of sawing only for squeaky seams and not anything else.

Try lubricating the seams with the help of graphite or silicone spray. You might find that this will most probably solve the problem, but it might also make a comeback with persistent use. Therefore, a more permanent solution is to use a saw and open the joints slightly. But be careful when you saw off and open the joints, as you might saw off a lot more than what is required, giving rise to some new problems. All you need to do is saw off about half an inch or as much thickness that the blade has. This way you’ll be allowing a little space in between and that should stop the squeaky floors from acting all squeaky. Next, put in some adhesive with the help of a knife into the crack. This will allow the flooring to be together and not get separated again.

Mystery Squeak

Sometimes, even after driving extra nails into the floor or sawing off the space in between the seams, the annoying noise continues.

This requires the most skills. You will have to check each and every part separately to determine where the noise is coming from. That would mean removing a section of the floor to check for the beam and truss, and see whether it is loose. Then determine the part which is causing that noise and try to fix it. Finally, put everything back in place. If you think that this is way beyond something that you can handle, then it would really help to get some professional help for the same. That way, there won’t be any untoward effects on your flooring.

Squeaky floors can be easily solved, depending on the cause of the same. It is always a good idea to have a professional take a look at the flooring and solve the problem once and for all.

Gripping Floor Tile Design Ideas

Facing difficulty choosing the best floor tile design for your house? Well, it’s important to think before you choose, as the flooring is one of the most important aspects of the home interiors. If you are considering a tiled floor, read on. Here is a collection of floor tile design ideas for different rooms.
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While wooden flooring or carpet tiles are a good choice of flooring for a living room, linoleum is one of the most recommended options for the kitchen. Stone and carpet are good choices for the bedroom flooring, while the use of ceramic tiles is well-suited for bathrooms. There are some basic criteria to be considered while choosing floor tiles for any room.
The choice of flooring for bathrooms and the kitchen should be based on factors like resistance to stains, water, and the ease of cleaning. Aesthetics and comfort are of prime importance when choosing floor tiles for the living room or the bedroom. Bright colors can be used in the kids’ bedroom, thus adding vibrancy to the room. Cool and soothing colors are better-suited for the master’s bedroom, where comfort and elegance are of importance.
Floor Tile Design Ideas for Different Rooms
How do the floor tiles in your room look? Do they look old and tired? Perhaps, you have been walking over them for quite some time now and they need replacement. You must think of installing new floor tiles and give a new look to your rooms. Here are some floor tile design ideas for the different rooms of your house.
Living Room
Usually, your living room is the area where people get together. In some homes, the living area serves as a formal reception room while in others, it is treated like a family room. It is the face of your house and so, it should reflect your personality, taste, and social status. Wood flooring is a good option for the living area. You can also think of laying carpet tiles or ceramic floor tiles in the living area. Be it any kind of flooring, the tiles should be of muted colors and not appear very glossy.

Some of the points to consider in choosing floor tiles for a kitchen are ease of cleaning, stain-resistance and durability. You should also remember that most of the work in a kitchen is done standing and the kitchen is one of the most-visited areas in the house. So the kitchen floor tiles should give you that comfort of walking.

Linoleum and bamboo floor tiles are a cost-effective option for kitchen floor tiles. Linoleum tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and textures and are easy to install. Bamboo flooring tiles give the room a stylish look and make a durable and environment-friendly floor tile design idea. There is a wide range of ceramic tile design ideas for kitchens. Decorative and artistically painted ceramic tiles look great, but they can be hard on the legs and cold underfoot.

A bedroom is your place to retire after a tiring day. It is where you cuddle up for a good night’s sleep or an afternoon nap. Hence, coziness is of utmost importance, when it comes to designing your bedroom.

Natural stone tile designs are a good choice for your bedroom floor. Stone tiles are available in different colors and designs and they give the bedroom a luxurious look. You can mix and match the tiles to create a unique floor tile design for your bedroom. Carpet tiles available in many colors and patterns are also a great option for bedroom floor tile designs. If it is about laying flooring in the children’s room, you can have some bright-colored floor tiles installed. They will add to the cheer in the kids’ room.

Bathroom floor tile design ideas have a direct impact on the appearance of the bathroom interiors and the maintenance your bathroom flooring needs. Resistance to water and stains are of prime importance in case of bathroom floor tiles.

While choosing bathroom floor tile designs, you can go for decorative tiles with floral patterns or ceramic tiles that blend well with the fixtures and furnishings in the bathroom. You can choose solid colored ceramic tiles and add different colored tile borders, or choose a grout color that contrasts the tile color, thus creating an interesting floor tile design. Bright-colored tiles with graphics will give the bathroom a contemporary look, while soft colors will give it a romantic appeal. Terra cotta and hand-painted tiles can be used to give a Mediterranean look to your bathroom.
Ceramic Tiles – A Yes for any Room!
Ceramic is quite a popular material in flooring. The many user-friendly features that ceramic offers, is the reason behind its popularity as a floor material. It requires no ceramic tile dealer to tell you that ceramic tile flooring is cost-effective and almost maintenance-free, and that it gives you a wide range of designs to choose from. Yes, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness are the striking features of ceramic floor tile designs. All these tiles require, is regular cleaning, and they are cost-effective in the sense that their installation costs are higher, but maintenance costs are almost nil. Also, ceramic tiles suit almost all kinds of home interiors; they look just as good in any area of the house. Moreover, installing them is hassle-free. Doing the ceramic tile installation by yourself is not very difficult, and thanks to the variety in these floor tile designs, you can be flexible in choosing the one that suits your home best. So, if you are planning to install ceramic tiles in your house, don’t think much; just bring your ceramic floor tile design ideas into reality.
Come to think of it, flooring is an integral part of your house and floor tile designs, a vital component of interior designing. Floor tiles bear the weight of all the furniture in your house. They tolerate your ‘stampede’ without uttering a word. All you can do is care for them, give them the treatment they deserve, and grant them the right to look beautiful. And that you can do, with the use of some good floor tile design ideas.