We Moved from a City Up North to a Beautiful Region of Tennessee

I grew up in an area where the woods began at the end of my backyard. When I got a job after college, I ended up in an urban environment that I tolerated but never enjoyed. I wanted to go back to a place where the woods were not too far from home. When a position opened up at our offices in Tennessee, my wife suggested I take it and we just move to Antioch. She has relatives there, and we enjoy it when we visit. We flew down and looked at Antioch apartments for rent. The area used to be a commerce center for farmers in the region, then it grew up in the 1970s when the sewer system was expanded. Now there are businesses and shopping centers, but the rural is not far away. A little farther away than the end of a backyard, but not too far.

I like that middle area between fully urban like a major city and fully rural where it is just farmland. Continue reading “We Moved from a City Up North to a Beautiful Region of Tennessee”

An Apartment That Has Everything I Want

I knew exactly what I wanted when I started looking at apartments for rent in Jacksonville FL. I had a few weeks before I had to make a firm commitment to a company there that wanted me to work for them, but I wanted to get things settled with them much quicker than that. I knew before I accepted the position I was going to have to make sure I had a place to live first. I am a planner, so this was not something I am used to doing so quickly at all.

As it turned out, it did not matter that this was done so quickly, because I found the apartment where I am now living really fast. Continue reading “An Apartment That Has Everything I Want”

We Are Really Liking Our Forest VA Apartment a Whole Lot

Life can take you anywhere. I never thought we would be living in Virginia. It is nice here, but I have only visited a couple of states my whole life. Now I am several states away from the place I called home. It feels weird even though I like my job and the people are nice. We looked around for about a month for a nice place to live. We were living in one of those extended stay motels. That was an adventure for another post. Anyway, we found Forest VA apartments that were very nice.

The first thing I noticed was the curvy swimming pool. I swim in it every day during the summer, and the summer is extended here when compared to where we used to live much farther up north. We also are able to keep our doggy with us. Continue reading “We Are Really Liking Our Forest VA Apartment a Whole Lot”

Finding a Place to Call Home Took Us a Few Years

We bought a used RV and moved out of our apartment at the end of our lease. We sold everything we could not load into our RV. We were going to put some things in storage, but we decided that if we could live without the stuff for months being full time RVers, then we did not need it. We traveled and worked from the road for two years always spending a lot of time in Florida. Then we wanted to stay in one spot, at least for a while, so we looked for apartments for rent in Orlando FL.

We kept coming back to Orlando as the weather changed around the country. When it was too hot in the desert Southwest, we came back to Orlando. After the fall foliage up north lead to snow, we came back down to stay in our RV in Orlando. Continue reading “Finding a Place to Call Home Took Us a Few Years”