Finding a Place to Call Home Took Us a Few Years

We bought a used RV and moved out of our apartment at the end of our lease. We sold everything we could not load into our RV. We were going to put some things in storage, but we decided that if we could live without the stuff for months being full time RVers, then we did not need it. We traveled and worked from the road for two years always spending a lot of time in Florida. Then we wanted to stay in one spot, at least for a while, so we looked for apartments for rent in Orlando FL.

We kept coming back to Orlando as the weather changed around the country. When it was too hot in the desert Southwest, we came back to Orlando. After the fall foliage up north lead to snow, we came back down to stay in our RV in Orlando. We knew the best parks, and we had time to search out the best apartments for rent in Orlando FL. We picked a place that was really nice and would take us along with our puppy. We are really enjoying the saltwater swimming pool. Our apartment is modern, roomy and super nice. Yes, we were in an RV, so any place would seem big. But our apartment is actually nice and big.

We have granite countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom. The big windows let in plenty of light. The living room is huge. Our RV is in storage, and we may travel a bit at different times of the year. However, we now have a home base that feels like home to us rather than just being a place to stay. We should have moved here years ago. Well, we did our looking for a place to call home, and Orlando won out for us. You can’t beat having warm weather when it is cold where you were born and raised.