Tips to Outdoor Dining Table Design

The patio is without doubt an extension of your living room. It doubles up as a space where you can catch up with family and friends over lunch or dinner. Having a garden has its benefits, one of which is that you get to entertain guests to sumptuous barbecue dinners and lazy summer afternoons. While having settees and hammocks is what comes to mind when one thinks of extending the living room to the garden, you can very well place a dining table with a couple of chairs to have a truly outdoors experience. Besides, we are all aware of the old adage―a family that eats together stays together.

Dinner tables are indeed the best possible places to catch up with each other’s lives, which is why taking the dinning activity outside is even more beneficial. Besides, sitting out in the open will help you clear your mind and refresh your senses.

Ideas for Outdoor Dining Tables

Set in Wood

Wood is one of the most preferred materials used to make dining tables. Dining tables can be designed as picnic benches, tables for two, or circular tables―you name it, and it can be done. Wicker dining sets or dark wood table tops work fairly well to do up the outdoors.

Sculpted from Stone

Stone tables emerge clear winners when it comes to withstanding the elements of nature. Hence, they serve as the best option you have in hand. You can opt for an entire stone unit or only the table top that is made of stone. The only maintenance needed is to wash the tables regularly, to keep the formation of moss at bay.

Glass-top Tables

Glass-top tables are suitable for covered patios and decks. While glass-top tables enhance the look of the dining area, always remember that they are fragile. Metal-framed glass tables are the best bet if you are planning to invest in a glass-top dinner table. Weatherproof wooden frames will also work to enhance the look of your garden.

Basic Essentials

  • Ensure that everything you place outdoors is weatherproof.
  • Outdoor furniture needs to be of very good quality to last for a long time.
  • Pergolas, awnings, and trellises can be incorporated to cover the dining area.
  • Use lighting that will keep bugs away.

Enhance the look of your garden and dining area with decorations. Put in a few centerpieces and your outdoor dining experience is sure going to be the best. With all this in place, I bet you would love to eat outdoors more often.