We Are Really Liking Our Forest VA Apartment a Whole Lot

Life can take you anywhere. I never thought we would be living in Virginia. It is nice here, but I have only visited a couple of states my whole life. Now I am several states away from the place I called home. It feels weird even though I like my job and the people are nice. We looked around for about a month for a nice place to live. We were living in one of those extended stay motels. That was an adventure for another post. Anyway, we found Forest VA apartments that were very nice.

The first thing I noticed was the curvy swimming pool. I swim in it every day during the summer, and the summer is extended here when compared to where we used to live much farther up north. We also are able to keep our doggy with us. She weighs about 35 pounds and we paid a one-time fee and a monthly rent fee to keep her with us. She is no trouble. She does not bark at people and is very friendly to everyone. Not a watchdog at all. We like that. Our apartment is very nice. We have plenty of room.

Our kitchen has black appliances and black and speckled countertops. The flooring is a nice laminate with comfortable carpeting in the bedroom. We like it here. Our pup likes to run and slide on the laminate floors. She must think she is a skater. She does it on purpose! It is nice to have a washer and dryer in our apartment too. My wife really likes the big walk-in closet we can access from the bedroom and the pantry. It has doors at each end. We walk our doggy on the paved walking trails too. Another plus is that both management and maintenance is on-site. They are right here when you need them.