We Moved from a City Up North to a Beautiful Region of Tennessee

I grew up in an area where the woods began at the end of my backyard. When I got a job after college, I ended up in an urban environment that I tolerated but never enjoyed. I wanted to go back to a place where the woods were not too far from home. When a position opened up at our offices in Tennessee, my wife suggested I take it and we just move to Antioch. She has relatives there, and we enjoy it when we visit. We flew down and looked at Antioch apartments for rent. The area used to be a commerce center for farmers in the region, then it grew up in the 1970s when the sewer system was expanded. Now there are businesses and shopping centers, but the rural is not far away. A little farther away than the end of a backyard, but not too far.

I like that middle area between fully urban like a major city and fully rural where it is just farmland. It’s not quite the suburbs, but it is not city or country living either. If there were no cars, I would choose rural living. However, as long as a short ride gets me into an area filled with trees, I’m okay with it. My wife and I like to hike and practice our photography skills. A picnic under a giant oak in the summer is something we look forward too. We do not even mind sharing with the ants.

We took the plunge and leased one of the nice Antioch apartments for rent. We have a place that is comfortable for us, and we adopted a senior dog from a nearby animal shelter, because we are allowed to have a dog for the first time. No other apartment we lived at allowed dogs. The thing that really makes it feel like home to me is that we have a real wood burning fireplace in our apartment. Never heard of that before, but it is my favorite amenity.